Taylor Swift: his mom Andrea has a brain tumor


It is very sad news that we are learning this morning. Taylor Swift’s mom is said to have a brain tumor.

It’s going to be a tough time for Taylor Swift. Indeed, we have learned that her mother, Andrea, has an illness. In addition to her breast cancer, she also has a brain tumor .

Andrea Finlay, Taylor Swift’s mom has a brain tumor . It is a blow to the family . The pretty singer confided in Variety ” While we were treating her, the doctors found a brain tumor ,” she explains. And the symptoms experienced by people with these kinds of tumors have nothing to do with what we have gone through with cancer so far. It is a very difficult time for our family. ”

In her latest album “Lover”, the American singer had expressed her suffering over her mother’s illness. This is the song “Soon You’ll Get Better” in ft with the Dixie Chicks. ” Under the doctor’s office light, I didn’t tell you I was afraid.” It was the first time we were there (…) The desperate find faith, so now I pray to Jesus too ”.

Andrea is still very young since she is only 62 years old. We therefore hope with all my heart that the condition of Taylor Swift’s mother will improve. Besides, to make the most of her family, the singer will shorten her tour. Indeed, she planned a world tour to honor her album “Lovers”. But the pretty blonde prefers to stay with her mom to support her.

Recently, Taylor Swift has received very strong support. She can now shed tears on the shoulder of her new companion. British actor Joe Alwyn shares the life of the famous singer. Even if nothing can really comfort her, it remains a real support.