Taylor Swift Free! fans celebrate for an important reason


The swifties have become a trend that Taylor Swift has released from her old record deal. But what does it mean and why is it so important?

Last year, Swift issued a lengthy statement in which she claimed that Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta prevented her from using and performing her own songs, as the couple were involved in the controversial buying and selling of their previous catalog.

Borchetta is the former owner of Swift’s label, Big Machine, who sold his previous catalog to Scooter Braun’s company as part of a $ 300 million deal that included ownership of his first six records, from his 2006 self-titled debut album to ‘Reputation’ from 2017.

Swift accused Braun of “relentless manipulative bullying” and claimed she was “sad and disgusted” when it emerged that Braun controlled her master songs, before stating that she had “no malicious intent” and “did everything on board.”

Taylor Swift can finally re-record her first 6 albums

In an attempt to regain control of her music, Taylor Swift stated that she planned to re-record her songs from the first six albums.

Speaking on Good Morning America last summer, Swift confirmed that she was re-recording her old records and explained that she could do so in November.

“Yeah that’s true,” Taylor replied when asked if she was re-recording all of her original albums.

“And it’s something that I’m very excited to do,” she continued, “because my contract says that starting in November 2020, so next year, I can record albums one to five again, so … I’m very excited about it. ”

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Now, to point out the fact that it is November 1, swifties fans around the world have been marking the moment on social media with the hashtag #TaylorIsFree trending on Twitter.

As we have mentioned in Somagnews, Taylor owns her last two albums “Lover” and “Folklore”, which have been as successful as the previous ones. However, the singer hopes to own her music completely. Do you think Taylor will release her first 6 albums before the end of 2020?


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