Taylor Swift: Fans Celebrate 12 Years Of “Fearless” Album


Fearless, Taylor Swift’s album was released 12 years ago, and since then it has given us many joys.

Today Taylor Swift is one of the most awarded, awarded, and recognized singers in the world, filling important stadiums around the planet because her talent for singing and composing has empathized with a large audience.

However, the beginnings of this famous were very different, being a smaller artist, with a love for country music, and supported, sheltered, by other artists already established at the time, such as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

In that sense, 12 years ago the singer released her second studio album Fearless, which has already consolidated her even more as the artist she is today as it includes songs like Love Story, White Horse, and You belong with me.

In fact, this album also includes the single “Fifteen” which was the singer’s first performance at the Grammys, along with Miley Cyrus, who introduced the famous to the entire industry at this important moment.


Fearless achievements

When this album was released, it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 592,000 copies sold, and it was at the top for 11 consecutive weeks, the longest reign of the 2000s.

In addition, over the years about 7.2 million copies have been sold, just in the United States, being certified with Diamante in that country. Not to mention the numerous positive reviews she received from great musicians and producers of the time, who recognized the great compositional work of this interpreter.

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Also, the LP version of the album has sold 17 million copies worldwide, being one of the best-selling in this format.

Without a doubt, this album was a watershed for the musical career of the American interpreter, and for this reason, fans cannot help but recognize and remember how much this record material has given them.


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