Taylor Swift is “extremely upset” over controversy involving Scooter Braun and Scott Borchett


On Thursday, November 14, Taylor Swift vented the problems she is having with the executives of her former label, Scooter Braun and Scott Borchett. She was being prevented from using her old songs at both the American Music Awards and Netflix documentary. “This is wrong. None of these men participated in the composition of these songs. They did nothing to create the relationship I have with my fans, ”he blurted out, asking for help.

You can imagine how Taylor Swift is feeling bad about the situation, right? However, People magazine spoke with sources close to the singer for details, stating that she is “extremely upset.”

“For Taylor to express her frustration and label it publicly intimidating, she’s obviously extremely upset,” the source said. “This is something that frustrates her for several months and continues.”

“She’s telling her the truth and doesn’t care what people will say,” the source continues. “This is her life and she finds all the drama in the album catalog insanely wrong. She wants her fans to know what’s going on. ”

“She’s an artist trying to share her music with her fans,” adds the source. “When she can’t, she obviously gets upset about it.”

Forces for Taylor to get over this one more!


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