Taylor Swift: his ex DJ Calvin Harris almost died!


In 2014, DJ Calvin Harris is at the height of glory. However, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend is close to death.

He almost went there! In 2014, Taylor Swift’s former boyfriend Calvin Harris was on the brink of death. Her heart is loose and ends up in the emergency room.

A heavy blow for Calvin Harris! In 2014, her heart stopped beating. The emergency doctors must absolutely bring him back to life and start his heart again.

Yes, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend sees death up close! However, the artist is living the best moment of his career. Indeed, the young man reached the summit of glory at this time.

Thus, no festival can do without its music. The whole world dances on his famous songs, like “How Deep Is Your Love” featuring Rihanna.

Ever since that unfortunate event, Taylor Swift’s ex has never wanted to talk about it. It took a long time before announcing it to his fans! But what happened?

So, it’s on Twitter that the 36-year-old Scottish DJ is pushing the secrets. The handsome blonde tells how it went in response to the Dancing Astronaut account.

Yep, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend agrees to tell this traumatic episode. His heart almost let go of him forever!

“An interesting year for me, 2014, started by making me take my number 1 place in the United Kingdom and ended with my heart revived in the emergency room …” he writes.

So, Internet users are immediately worried. ” Heart attack ? Asked one of them. But that’s not all ! Others attack it in turn!

“Calvin, you can’t say something like that without telling the whole story. It’s just rude, “said another subscriber.

However, Taylor Swift’s ex refuses to say more! Yes, the handsome boy prefers to keep the reason for this unfortunate event for himself.

In any case, his other fans respect his silence. So, you have to believe that the DJ will talk about it in due time. As long as he’s doing well right now!


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