Taylor Swift encourages fans not to vote for Donald Trump!


Taylor Swift takes possession of her Twitter account to give advice to her fans. She urges them not to vote for Donald Trump.

Taylor Swift takes advantage of her celebrity status to encourage fans not to vote for Donald Trump. She then asked them to elect “people who will fight police violence and racism.” ”

For two weeks, the United States has been rocked by demonstrations. Indeed, the death of George Floyd prompted citizens to revolt. Thus, American stars do not hesitate to defend the cause.

Selena Gomez, Cole Sprouse, Millie Bobby Brown or Lili Reinhart. Many celebrities take a stand through social media. In fact, Taylor Swift is no exception to the rule.

After having proudly displayed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, the young woman then encourages her fans to vote. She had already posted a message on her Twitter account for the primaries.

This time, the title performer I Knew You Were Trouble is fighting directly against the ruling power. Taylor Swift thus asks the population not to vote for Donald Trump!


“Racial injustice is deeply rooted in local government and government. Changes MUST take place. Taylor Swift then wrote on her Twitter account before continuing.

“For policies to change, we must elect people who will fight police violence and racism of all kinds. ”

And to support her words, the singer did not hesitate to share a post by Barack Obama called “how to make this moment a turning point for real change.”

On the social network, Taylor Swift did not stop there. The star spoke directly to the American president. She then accused the latter of “stoking the flames of white supremacism and racism. ”

One thing is certain for her. “We will fire you with our votes in November. “


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