Taylor Swift Dedicates “Our Song” to Bibadubi and Praises Lana Del Rey After The Resumption of The “Eras” Tour


Taylor Swift resumed her “Eras” tour last night (March 24) at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and accepted a request from the Beabadoobee warm-up band.

Last week, Swift began a series of concerts with a giant set of 44 songs taken from her past catalog. She played a similar set last night, except for the “acoustic surprise” part.

Speaking to the crowd about this part of the set, Swift explained: “I thought it would be fun for this tour to have a part where I would play different songs every night and it would be just me, you, guitar and piano. We could just pick what I wanted to play that night, and I’ll decide based on what I hope you want to hear.”

Swift played “Mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw” on the first show, and “This Is Me Trying” and “State Of Grace” on the second.

Speaking last night, Swift revealed that she saw a recent interview with the “amazing, brilliant” warm-up band Bebadoobee.

“She said she grew up on the songs from the first album, and named a specific song. I decided that for her first show with us, I would play that particular song that she said she wanted to hear. I wrote it for my talent show in the ninth grade, it’s called “Our Song,” Swift said. Watch the footage below:

During the show, Swift also performed “Snow On The Beach”, her recent collaboration with Lana Del Rey, live for the first time.

“Lana Del Rey released a new album today,” Swift said. “It’s called “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard?” and it’s so cool. You probably already know this, but it’s unusual. I just think she’s the best we have. I think we should make it a priority for the band to purchase, broadcast and support this album.”

“She knows I’m obsessed with her and she was kind enough to write a song with me for ‘Midnights’ because she’s a generous king and I’ll never forget how kind she was to me,” Swift continued.

Before the Eras tour, Swift released four new songs. Three of them were Taylor’s “Versions” of the tracks “Eyes Open”, “Safe & Sound” and “If This Was A Movie”, and the other was the “love” B-side, “All Of The Girls You Loved Before”.’.

Swift’s US tour dates have already been confirmed this spring and summer, however, a note on her website states that international dates have not yet been announced.

Speaking to NME recently about a tour with Taylor Swift, Bibadubi said, “I’ve had conversations with [Swift] before when she mentioned she’s a fan of my music, which absolutely overwhelms me. At the 2020 NME Awards, I was trying to get up the courage to approach her, and then she comes up to me and says that she really likes my EP. I’m like, “My God, what the hell?” She’s amazing and always inspired. I listened to her a lot and I still listen to her! “in my formative years.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to give such large—scale concerts,” she added.


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