Taylor Swift completely addicted to cats: she thinks she was born for that!


In an interview with Extra, Taylor Swift said she was completely addicted to cats. She thinks she was born for that!

This Wednesday, December 25, on Christmas, a new film Cats will be released in theaters. It is an adaptation of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. And among the many actors, Taylor Swift also plays the role of one of the cats.

In an interview with Taylor Swift, she made several confidences about this role that fits her like a glove. She explained, “All of this led to this. I now have three cats, which is technically a herd. When there are three of them. They drastically outnumbered you. I love cats” .

Taylor Swift also added, “I’ve had it forever. Since I was a child. It wasn’t really a choice I made … Cat life, he chose me and I have no choice but to really look into it. That’s what I do “.

And when our colleagues asked him what the cats would think of his performance in the film, Taylor Swift said: “True to their form, they would be ambivalent for me because they are in all situations. They don’t care at all, that’s what I respect. They could have cut me off from everything. ” Regarding his song “Beautiful Ghosts” in the film, the artist said, “We are delighted to be nominated for this Golden Globe. It was wild! ”

The singer also explained: “Andrew Lloyd Webber was my co-author … They came from the poems of TS Eliot … As the lyricist of this song, I really wanted to make it something that paid homage to this world … It was a huge responsibility. The film would not be the same without the song. ” Now fans are really looking forward to discovering her role in the new film. However, it will take a few hours!


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