Taylor Swift called her high school friend “a bitch”


Taylor Swift told a high school friend that she “wanted to be her” in her yearbook message. Am I over it?

A high school student with Taylor Swift has shared some adorable photos of the budding entertainer as a teenager, showing the ‘Lover’ singer playing guitar and posing for her yearbook photo.

On a viral TikTok, Christina Hamilton answered the question, “Who are the most famous students in your high school?” With a series of photos and videos of her time at school with the international superstar.

In black and white footage, Taylor Swift can be seen with her signature curly hair as she sings into a microphone and hugs her friends before becoming one of the most famous singers in the world.

Taylor Swift looks far from her country pop star self in the image of her singing, wearing a fitted print top with thumbholes on the sleeves, a choker necklace and baggy jeans.

Taylor Swift’s message for her partner

Christina Hamilton also attached the message the Grammy winner wrote for her in her yearbook, which consisted of how much Taylor Swift “wanted to be like” her.

“X-Tina, so I’ve come to terms with the fact that I wish I could look like you, dress like you, dance like you and almost want to be you for the rest of my life … so have a nice summer accepting that it disgusts how pretty you are. Bitch. ”

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Taylor Swift ended her note with a pink heart and her signature, which fans quickly noted hasn’t changed much since then.

The Swifties went into overdrive after watching TikTok, with many speculating if Christina was the girl Taylor sang about on “Teardrops on my Guitar.”

And when a fan commented on the clip to ask, “Did you know; Drew,” Christina answered “yes.” Drew is the classmate Taylor Swift yearned for on ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’, but 14 years later, she’s happy with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s message for her ex-high school classmate? Does she sound like the Taylor we know now? Tell us in the comments.


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