Taylor Swift: Books that can be related to “Folklore” songs


The booktuber Fa Orozco tells us about some books that can be related to Taylor Swift through this booktag.

The recent premiere of folklore has fallen in love with Taylor Swift fans, as this album is magical in every way, from the cover to each chord of each song, being one of the quarantine releases with the highest acceptance by the public.

Someone who agrees with this is the booktuber Fa Orozco, who through one of her recent videos shared a “booktag” relating the songs from the new “Taytay” album, with some books and characters.

It was through her official YouTube account that the writer of the book “Do not shut up” published this video, which has more than 32 thousand reproductions, and thousands of “likes” by fans, who agree with this book tag.

The One

For this song, we looked for a book that included a couple that we would have liked to have ended up together, but even though they are not in a relationship, both are fine, so the Monterrey booktuber chose Jo and Laurie from the book Little Women.


For this song, they looked for a book that makes you feel comforting or that wraps you up, or that book that you always return to because it gives you that feeling of home, so in this category she chose Peter Pan.

The Last Great American Dynasty

For this single, a book that was a favorite American novel or American classic was chosen, and the book chosen was The Great Gatsby.


A break that broke your heart, and Fa Orozco chose “La Tregua” by Mario Benedetti for this song by the actress from “Valentine’s Day”.

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These are just some of the songs included in this booktag, if you want to see the other related books we leave the video here

What is your favorite Folklore song? Do you think this album could win a Grammy next year? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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