Taylor Swift: his big rant against racist monuments!


On her Instagram account, Taylor Swift shared photos where she pissed off all racist monuments!

Four days ago, Taylor Swift spoke on her Instagram account. It has launched a heavy rant against all racist monuments. The young woman wants to have them removed.

Taylor Swift started: “As a Tennessian, it makes me sick that there are monuments in our state that celebrate racist historical figures who have done bad things.”

Taylor Swift also said: “Edward Carmack and Nathan, Bedford Forrest were vile figures in our state history. And should be treated as such. The statue of Edward Carmack was seated in the Stat Capitol until it was demolished last week during the protests. ”

She also revealed, “The state of Tennessee has committed to replacing him. FYI, he was editor of a white supremacist newspaper that published pro-lynching editorials and incited the arson of Ida B. Wells’ office. ”


Taylor Swift said of Ida B. Wells: “She truly deserves a hero statue for her pioneering work in journalism and civil rights. The replacement of his statue is a waste of public funds ”.

The singer also added, “And a loss of an opportunity to do the right thing. The removal of the statue will not repair centuries of systemic oppression, violence. And hatred that black people have endured. ”

But that’s not all. She said, “But it could bring us a little closer to the security of ALL Tennesseans. And visitors to our state. Not just white people. ”

Finally, the artist also concluded: “We need to change the status of people who have perpetuated hideous patterns of racism from” heroes “to” villains “. And the bad guys don’t deserve statues.


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