Taylor Swift back: She drops the clip “The Man”


To the delight of fans, Taylor Swift has made a comeback. Thus, the singer has finally released the clip for “The Man”. Fans couldn’t wait for Taylor Swift to return . In fact, the clip for The Man is indeed available .

As you know, Taylor Swift is in the middle of promoting her album. On February 7, the young woman then swung the video lyrics of The Man. This very committed song is very popular with the public. It must be said that the message is strong . Thus, the singer addresses the subject of gender equality. In fact, the video already has more than 5 million views on Youtube. Just that !

Taylor Swift released the clip for The Man yesterday . Besides, it is also available on Youtube. One thing is certain, it’s original! No, the singer is not staged in a crazy story. This time, we see her at the Olympia. Yes, it is indeed in Paris that she recorded her clip. As you can see, this is her performance in the famous French room.

It was therefore in 2019 that Taylor Swift performed on the Parisian scene. Besides, she did it some time after the release of her album, Lover . That day, the star was full. The audience loved the singer’s performance. An extract of the live is also available on her Instagram account .

On Youtube, a surfer was also noticed by her comment. “French men and women, you have to take power in the comments. It’s with us! “. It is true that we can be proud! In addition, Taylor Swift will soon be back in France. We will therefore find it next July 5 at the Nîmes festival . The event promises to be very heavy! We can not wait to be there.


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