Taylor Swift Asks For Help To Regain Control Of Her Music


What happened? Taylor Swift asks for help to regain control of her music: “I don’t know what else to do” The artist is desperate.

The singer has recently denounced all the control that the entrepreneurs Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta have over their songs. She has had to ask her followers and other artists for help in handling the situation.


Taylor has used her social networks to carry a message of help against these entrepreneurs. She is desperate about it. And it is so much that he has control of her music that she is expected to not be able to sing some of her songs in the next shows.

Taylor Swift has revealed that the businessmen in question partially own all the rights to many of their first songs and have forbidden the artist to make a medley of all her old songs.

“I strongly believe that sharing what is happening to me could raise other artists’ awareness and potentially help them avoid a similar fate,” said Swift.

The star cannot use those songs to make any kind of documentary like the ones Netflix had planned to do with the famous one. She has already said that Borchetta would allow her to use her music only if she gives up re-recording old versions of her songs. A problem that itches and spreads.

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