Taylor Swift answers Kanye West’s leaked call


Taylor Swift answers Kanye West’s leaked call. The singer made a request to her fans.

Taylor Swift went through a difficult time in 2009 and 2016, years when Kanye West ridiculed her at an awards show and years later, Kim Kardashian posted video clips where the singer allegedly agreed to the words to “Famous.”

However, 4 years after Taylor was accused of lying, a video leaking the truth was revealed on social networks: the rapper never showed him the fragment where he insulted her, but what does Taylor have to say about it ? This was his reply.

Fans were on the lookout for social media over the weekend waiting for Taylor to reply to the controversy . The singer turned to her Instagram account to post a Storie about it, at the beginning, she admitted that it was a situation where she had a hard time with her family and fans.

However, the singer decided to give more importance to the coronavirus crisis, so she did not want to give more details about it, although she clarified that she always told the truth and the video was manipulated years ago.

Taylor invited her fans to donate to WHO to help the pandemic that worries the world. The singer no longer wanted to make the controversy bigger. So far, the rapper hasn’t given a statement about it either, but fans demanded a response from Kim, who was responsible for posting the edited video via Snapchat.


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