Taylor Swift and the controversial “Squad” hate


Taylor Swift dominated the entertainment world thanks to her “Squad”, made up of models, singers and actresses.

Without a doubt, Taylor Swift’s “Squad” is the most famous group of celebrities in Hollywood, however, apparently it has also become the most hated and here at La Verdad Noticias we tell you that personalities do not tolerate this squad.

While some personalities of the show are happy to be part of it or die to enter it, there are other celebrities who do not want to hear about this “Squad”, so here we present who hates this group of Taylor Swift.

According to information published by the Tu En Línea portal, one of the celebrities who hates the squad is the American actress Troian Bellisario, who has declared herself openly anti Taylor Swift.

“Taylor Swift is a fake feminist”

“I am appalled by what I consider to be Taylor’s false feminism. She seems to be the type of person who always says sisterhood, and then does nothing but destroy the women who were once her friends,” she said in an interview.

But the actress originally from Los Angeles, California, is not the only one who hates the “Squad”, since Demi Lovato is one of the stars who has also criticized this group very strongly through Instagram, as she thinks that Taylor and their friendships are false and hypocritical.

Kendall Jenner was part of the squad, but her love for Harry Styles definitely left her out of the circle of friends of the author of the album “Folklore”, the model even clarified that her only squad is the Kardashian / Jenner.

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Rihana has a big rejection for Taylor Swift

Maybe it’s because of her strong friendship with Katy Perry, but Rihanna made it clear that not only did she not want to work with Taylor or participate in his 1989 tour, she was simply not interested in being friends with him.

Although all the girls in the “Squad” like Ariana Grande, she believes that her thing is not to be part of a group, and less if you have to do some kind of initiation. Jessie’s actress Skai Jackson recently tweeted: “I don’t need a squad to be relevant.”


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