Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez making a duet


Selena Gomez has revealed that one of her biggest dreams is to create music with Taylor Swift, but how likely is that to happen?

The singer Selena Gomez has always ‘dreamed’ of starring in a successful duet with one of the professional colleagues she admires the most and who has served as a professional benchmark throughout her career.

It is nothing less than Taylor Swift, who has just demonstrated once again why she is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious music stars of the last ten years with the great success of her new album ‘Folklore’.

It’s been almost a year since the former Disney star stunned the world with her latest record material ‘Rare’), and it seems the American businesswoman has already started coming up with exciting ideas for her next musical hits.

How likely is it that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez will collaborate?

As we have already mentioned in Somagnews, the possibility that their wishes are fulfilled could materialize sooner rather than later, given the close friendship that exists between the two since time immemorial and, furthermore, because the two artists recently spoke on the subject! !

Why does Selena Gomez want to have a song with Taylor Swift?

“I’ve always wanted to record a song with Taylor Swift, and the truth is that we both love the idea. It would be like doing something as a family … She’s my best friend and we’ve talked a lot about it lately, ”Selena recently declared on the ‘Animal Talking’ account on the Twitch digital platform.

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The interpreter of ‘Hands to myself’ has also boasted of the fraternal bond that binds them since her adolescence and the unconditional support that the talented composer Taylor Swift (30 years old) has been giving her every time Selena has to deal with problems at the level emotional and even medical.


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