Taylor Swift, a surprise cameo at Pride of Britain awards


Singer Taylor Swift proved that she does whatever it takes for her fans by appearing at the Pride Britain Awards.

Taylor Swift told Major Chris Brannigan that she and her daughter subjects Hasti are true inspirations, having been crowned ITV’s fundraiser of the year at the Pride of Britain Awards.

The soldier hero walked 700 miles (1126.54 kilometers) barefoot to raise £ 500,000 to help the brave girl and others like her.

His effort has raised a huge sum from gene therapy that will hopefully change his life. Chris’ brave daughter has Cornelia de Lange syndrome for which there is currently no cure or treatment.

Nicknamed the ‘Barefoot Soldier’, the father set out to raise £ 50,000, but in total he raised more than ten times the amount.

The story caught the attention of singer Taylor, who got in touch to give both of them a very special message.

The megastar said: “Major Chris, what you did makes me feel a lot of admiration. You have raised so much money for charity and so much awareness, you are a great inspiration.”

“Hasti, you are so brave. I really hope to meet you one day, you really are the Pride of Britain,” Swift expressed.

The soldier who supported Taylor Swift asks that they keep donating

Chris, 40, said he was honored to receive the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain award, in association with TSB.


He added: “I had no idea this was going to happen and I had no idea that I would win. It is an incredible honor and I am very happy. ”

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“When I saw my wife and children, who should have been in school, I wondered what was going on. I’m amazed, “said the winner.

He added: “I hope it helps us highlight the story of children with rare diseases in the UK.”

“We have had to fight so hard to get this far and there are many families who are fighting in exactly the same position and want to give them hope,” he said.


“We are still raising funds. We are trying to raise another £ 2 million for the Hope for Hasti fundraising campaign, ”he said.

The winner concluded: “Once we have created this first gene therapy for CdLS, we need to fund clinical trials where we give it to children who really need it.” Do you think Taylor Swift has donated part of her fortune for this campaign? At La Verdad Noticias we want to know your opinion.


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