Taxing the Sun: Government debates solar tax


Federal deputy Lafayette de Andrada (Republicans), rapporteur of the Law Plan that seeks to tax solar energy in Brazil, defined that the proposed amendments are “fair and balanced”. The 2019 PL proposes that people can generate their own energy at home through solar panels, but that there is a charge on Distributed Generation (DG). In other words, a “taxation of the sun”, as the President, Jair Bolsonaro called it.

In practice

A person who owns solar panels at home can hand over the surplus production to his distributor. If the energy obtained by the panel meets all your needs, the consumer must pay only the minimum amount of the electricity bill. However, the tariff paid by consumers does not involve only the energy used, but all charges and the cost of the network. Thus, PL would demand the collection of part of these fees – which would represent about 63% of the total tariff – for people who use solar panels.


Last Monday (15), the President of the Free Solar Movement, Hewerton Martins, said that, even with the likelihood of making sustainable energy more expensive, the “sun taxation” initiative means that “Brazil would become underdeveloped in photovoltaic solar energy “, he says. In addition, he added that the PL should not have an environmental impact, since the panels would be installed in houses and buildings, taking advantage of urban spaces.

The goal is to use the grant money and install solar panels for everyone. “Using it or not, everyone pays the minimum fee. In this project, this tariff is eliminated to make it possible for people in social vulnerability to have access to solar energy ”, he concluded.

The bill is expected to be voted on by the Senate in the coming months.


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