Recently, Jungkook faced a series of rumors that related him to his tattoo artist Rennis. Although shortly after this news, Big Hit Entertainment came to deny the alleged “relationship” of both, the truth is that both Kookie and the tattoo artist continue to be besieged.

The reason? Rennis, who has already explained that she is only a friend of the idol, has just uploaded a message this October 13, on Instagram and the content of that statement will surprise you a lot.

And it is that, in the message that went up, it can be read that the tattoo artist continues to be harassed by several sasaengs, who apparently have been sending threats to her, as to the Instagram account of her tattoo shop.

As for the type of texts that the tattoo artist received, the young woman clarified that these “errands” were mostly threatening messages, which contained many high-sounding words. Others only brought the legend.

So far, Big Hit Entertainment has asked both the girl and the tattoo shop to ignore the messages. However, Jungkook’s friend seems to be reaching the limit, because this type of harassment has not ceased since the scandal, which happened months ago. We continue to inform.