TASCHEN’s Marvel Comics Library: Avengers Vol. 1 – Dream Collection


This week TASCHEN will release its latest edition of the Marvel Comics Library, in which the earliest adventures of the Avengers will be republished in large format. Featuring original stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, a foreword by Kevin Feige, as well as several incredible works of art, photographs and documents, the collection showcases the legendary history of Earth’s most powerful heroes. For fans of Marvel comics – The Avengers. Volume 1. 1963-1965 – a dream collection assembled in a magnificent style.

The Avengers are one of, if not the most recognizable team in pop culture. Debuting almost 60 years ago in “Avengers #1” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from Marvel Comics, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp made up the first iteration of the team. They will soon be joined by Captain America in Avengers #4, solidifying the core version of the group that has appeared in their own comics, movies, books, and virtually every media imaginable. The Avengers series is still running to this day and shows no signs of slowing down. Now the earliest Avengers adventures are getting a fantastic collection from TASCHEN.

We had the opportunity to look into the Marvel comics library. Avengers. Volume 1. 1963-1965 from TASCHEN Books, known for its high-quality publications and collections. The huge collection includes the first 20 issues of The Avengers, in which the stories are printed in large print, which allows readers to see Kirby’s incredible art in an even larger format. The page quality, colors and resizing are done expertly, as, unlike some other oversized collections, Avengers Vol. 1 never looks overstretched, faded or bloated. It’s incredible to see stories from almost 60 years ago with such clarity, without removing anything from the original editions.

What makes TASCHEN’s Marvel Comics Libary. Avengers. Volume 1. 1963-1965 . The book is filled with illustrations, an amazing story of the Avengers from the writer Kurt Buzik with original art from Kirby, photographs of that era, documents and notes, as well as a forward from the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. Each page shows something important that went into creating the Avengers or helps illustrate their legendary story. The attention to detail is outstanding, even in the packaging, as the editions come in a gorgeous box that recreates Avengers #1 on the front and issue #20 on the back, just like the cover and back cover of the collection itself.

The attention and quality of the oversized book is obvious, as it masterfully demonstrates the earliest history of the Avengers. It is already possible to pre-order the Famous First Edition of 5000 copies, and a special edition of 1000 copies is also available. TASCHEN’s Marvel Comics library. Avengers. Volume 1. 1963-1965 is a dream collection for any fan of Marvel comics.