Targaryen’s “House of the Dragon” is already very different from “Game of Thrones”


The Targaryens in the “House of the Dragon” will be very different from the heroes of “Game of Thrones” with their reputation as dragon riders. The family history of House Targaryen in Westeros is closely linked to their relationship with dragons, where these creatures were the main reason they conquered the kingdom in the first place. The Targaryens may have brought dragons with them to Westeros after the demise of Valyria, but they are not the only great house that has proven its ability to communicate with them.

Although dragons were a big miracle during the “Game of Thrones”, it won’t be in the “House of the Dragon”. In the HBO prequel series, we will see at least 17 dragons of different sizes and strengths during the Targaryen Civil War, although almost all of them will die by the time the fighting ends. While only three dragons appear as Daenerys’ miraculous “children” in Game of Thrones, the Targaryens’ powerful relationship with the dragons will be seen in full during the “House of the Dragon”, although the creatures’ power will be used against each other in the “Dance”. of Dragons.

While dragons were still almost exclusively associated with House Targaryen, one of the main differences between the family in “House of the Dragon” and “Game of Thrones” is that they are not the only horsemen in the prequel. In Game of Thrones, the ability to ride a dragon was considered a serious indicator that he was a real Targaryen, but this was not entirely accurate in the timeline of the House of the Dragon. In addition to the Targaryens, the House of Velarions will spawn several outstanding dragonriders. While many Velaryon riders had a single Targaryen parent, such as Rhaenyra’s husband Laynor, the Velaryon bastard from Dragon Dance Addam from Hull will prove that Targaryen blood is not required to tame dragons.

Why the House of Velarions can ride Dragons

Most of those in House Velarion who rode dragons could do so due to their considerable Targaryen blood, but Addam Velarion apparently could ride dragons due to the family’s ancestry from Old Valyria. That’s why the Velaryons also share Targaryen gray hair, and their common Valyrian blood has been what has kept them such close allies throughout the history of Westeros. While the Targaryens were the dragon lords of Valyria, the Velaryons were not, as ships and control of water have always been their strong point. Thus, it was not expected that House Velarion would spawn any dragonriders who were not half Targaryen.

Members of House Velarion who are able to ride dragons will become especially important after many Targaryens and Velaryons die in the Dragon Dance. When the supporters of Rhaenyra, the “black” party, need additional riders for their dragons, they look for “dragon seed”, a term used mainly to describe the Targaryen bastards, but also briefly the Velarion bastards. Along with several Targaryen bastards, this is how Alyn and the dragonrider Addam from Hull were found, with two “officially” being the fathers of Leyenor, although Corlis Velarion is supposed to have been their true father.

However, not only those with Velarion or Targaryen blood will be able to fly creatures in the Dragon House, as will Nettle, Hugh Hammer and Ulf the White, who are not supposed to have any Valyrian origin. become an experienced dragon rider. Regardless of whether they are members of House Velarion or people without Valyrian blood, the Targaryen Dragon House is still very different from those in Game of Thrones in that it is not the only family that has dragon riders. While the Undead King of the Night was the only character other than the Targaryens to ride a dragon in Game of Thrones, Dragon House will see several non-named Targaryen figures riding creatures.


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