Tanzanian President denies Covid-19


Following the statement by Tanzanian President John Magufili that “God has eliminated covid-19” in his country, the 50 million Tanzanians are exposed to the coronavirus without any kind of therapeutic support, testing or even vaccination.

Governmental institutions themselves have demanded that their officials take precautions against contagion, while the populist president vehemently prohibits the recording of cases of the disease. This causes many families that lost a member to hide the fact or deny any link between the deaths and the covid-19.

As a result of this institutional denial, Tanzanians have to undergo a cocktail of drugs produced by the country’s own health minister, Dorothy Gwajima, who is proud to recognize that the portfolio has “its own procedure on how to receive any drugs – alternatives” , that is, without scientific evidence, she told the BBC.

President’s stance

Since June 2020, when he declared Tanzania “free from covid-19”, Magufili has been discouraging any measure to combat the pandemic by his government. He does not use and scoff at the effectiveness of the masks, questions the functioning of the RT-PCR remains and it also ironic the harsh measures adopted by neighboring countries.

In the same line of thought, the president has been spreading on social media that vaccines are harmful to health. Only he, the minister of health and three other senior officials of the Tanzanian government are authorized to provide “clarifications” about the coronavirus in the country.

What does the Catholic Church say?

In late January, the Catholic Church’s newspaper in Tanzania printed a giant headline on its front page, denouncing: “There is a corona”.

In the editorial, the Catholic secretariat of the Episcopal Conference of Tanzania expressed itself with the statement “We are not an island”, and called on the faithful, including Magufili himself, to pray, but without failing to adopt the measures practiced in the rest of the world. , how to avoid crowds and wear masks.


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