Tanuki justice, analysis. 90s scented platforms


As if it were a journey through time, the new Wonderboy Bobi game allows us to relive the sensations of the platforms of the early 90s with a frenetic action title and the most colorful scenarios.

Tanuki Justice seems like a game from another time, from the one at the beginning of the 90s, in which it almost didn’t matter what cover you looked at in the video store, it is most likely that if you didn’t know a game, it was a 2D platformer. The most prolific genre of the 16 bits left great jewels, but with the jump to 3D it went from dominating to almost disappearing completely. This title inevitably refers us to that golden age of the genre.

Created with Clickfusion 2.5 by the creator of the also renowned Aggelos platforms, Wonderboy Bobi, Tanuki Justice does not attempt to mask itself as a current game at any time. Everything (except perhaps having a short tutorial) is an experience such as we would expect from any game released in the early 16-bit years.

Sharpen your Shuriken

In contrast to the more narrative style of Aggelos, Tanuki Justice is a pure action platformer. Without dialogue or a narration as it did include his previous work. If Aggelos’s inspiration was Wonderboy, this time we are facing a title closer to Megaman. A game that challenges us to overcome some levels that are not very long, but full of complicated moments that, in the old way, at first will be real deadly traps but that, after a few games, we can finally overcome to continue advancing to the next challenge.

At our disposal we will have some shuriken that we can enhance, as well as the possibility of using a special attack (a giant Shuriken). To do this we need to sufficiently fill a special bar that is increased with objects that we collect from the stage, as well as attacking enemies. In addition, we can block the firing direction of our shuriken while we advance if we wish to make things easier. A double jump that we can control even in the air will also be essential to survive in the authentic bullet hell that some situations will become.


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