Tan France talks about “the next fashion”, co-host Gigi Hadid is an “amazing mom”, gave him “so many tips”


Fashionable parents! Tan France and Gigi Hadid became close thanks to their stylish career and fatherhood when they starred together in the series “The Next Fashion” for Netflix.

“It makes the show very, very fun. This is probably the best time I’ve ever spent on the show.”

Like her colleagues, the native of England got a seat in the front row to watch the 27-year-old supermodel become the “best” mother of the first-time daughter Khai, 20 months.

“She’s an amazing mom. I got so much advice from her,” France said, noting that he “of course” dated Khai, whom Hadid shares with ex Zayn Malik. “She became a mom before I became a parent, for example, seven months before [my son was born]. So, she was the first person who sent me a package with all the things my child might need. It was so sweet.”

France previously confirmed last year that he welcomed his first child, a boy, from a surrogate mother.

“Welcome our son. Ismail France, born on July 10,” the graduate of Dressing Funny signed an Instagram picture with her husband Rob France and a baby in August 2021. “He came seven weeks earlier, so he has been in the intensive care unit for the last three weeks. But today we finally managed to bring him home. We love him so, so much. Like, totally obsessed. Our surrogate mother feels great after giving birth, and we are very grateful for the greatest gift in our life.”

Amid the news of Tan and Rob’s baby, their loved ones, including Hadid and the rest of the magnificent five Queer Eye, were thrilled to meet with a lump of joy.

“At first I told Jonathan [Van Ness] because if I hadn’t, he would have killed me,” the fashion designer previously told us in June 2021. “His second question was:”What about me? Now you won’t neglect me, will you?” I’m like, “No, you’ll always be my first child. I will always understand this.” …I [called Jonathan, Anthony Porowski, Karamo Brown and Bobby Burke] separately. They were so supportive. Jonathan is cooking something for the baby. Apparently, he won’t be ready until he’s born, he’s so complicated.”

Tan also received important parenting tips from the voice actress of Never Have I Ever.

“If you’re not a parent, you don’t know it, but [there’s a product] called Baby Brezza, which is a machine that helps you make a mixture very quickly,” he told us on Monday about the care package. Hadid sent it. “She had a sound machine, bibs, pacifiers and everything I could need.”

While Tan and Rob immersed themselves in fatherly bliss while raising their 9-month-old angel son, the fashion stylist took a break to visit Webbys in New York’s Cipriani Wall Street.

“I am very happy to be here. [The formula company] Bobby asked me to be here [because] I joined their campaign, which encourages people to consider artificial feeding as an ideal option for their child — if they think it’s right,” said the founder of Was Him. . “I was very proud to be a part of this campaign. So when I was asked to come here and get an award, it’s great for me.”