Tammy Lee Gets Emotional Video Explaining She’s “Done” with The Bachelor Franchise: “I Was So Alienated”


After fans saw Tammy Lee navigate Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” and season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” the reality TV personality made a splash by releasing a video about the franchise playing “favorites” earlier this year.

“People think that now I have a vendetta against this franchise. I really don’t know. I am grateful for this opportunity. I’m grateful to have been a part of it. “I’ve had it with them, and I’m very articulate and confident about it. I was going to tell my viewers, for example, what was going on, instead of being silent. I am not one of those who are silent, as we know very well. And I was just really upset. Would I do things differently again and again? Absolutely. I think I should have, you know, worked on my emotions and then said something, but at the time I was so hurt and upset.”

In February, Tammy made headlines by stating on Instagram Stories, “If you’re not their favorite, and it’s pretty obvious, you’re being treated like second-hand dog shit, and they don’t care about you, your value, or your value. ». She told us that her intention was to “finally assert herself and stop being used.”

The Syracuse native, who hinted that she had previously worked on a project with the show, explained: “I’m not a minor person. I am the main person in my life. I put myself first, and it was time for me to stop pleasing them. …I’m glad to just move away from the franchise a little bit. Who knows if I’ll come back, who knows what will happen in the future.”

She further compared her attitude to the franchise to a “toxic relationship,” telling us, “I just need to give myself space right now. And maybe we can work on things in the future if there are any legitimate changes.”

When asked about what exactly should be different, Tammy noted that changes were made to the show, instead of choosing a “typical, all-American girl” after calling for diversity among the Black Lives Matter movement, but she still doesn’t feel represented on screen. .

“I want it to really be implemented seriously, and not just like, ‘Oh, yes, we’re doing this, like, it’s okay, we’re at least trying.’ the power to try harder. … I just feel so alienated by it – I’ve worked hard to achieve what I’ve achieved in this franchise and it’s gone so unnoticed. And I wonder if it would be noticed more if I looked like a real American,” she explained. — And listen, I get it. I was attracted to these girls too. But that’s the reason I had a serious identity crisis when I was a kid, because I want to look blonde, blue—eyed-these beautiful girls that I thought were the American version of beauty.”

Subsequently, Tammy became emotional.

“I hate to talk about it because I hate to bring up the issue of race, but it really made me feel so alienated because it’s something I can’t change about myself, you know? Like, I’ll never be a blonde. I can dye my hair, but it will look very strange. I look like a K-pop star,” she joked. “And there are very few people in this franchise who represent people like me. And I really tried my best to be the person who represents many of us, but it was very difficult for me to get through it. I just felt really upset because I had done a lot of work and it seemed to me that it was just in vain.”

When asked about her reaction to how she talked about her experience, Tammy told us that she received a lot of positive feedback from fans after her video in February. More recently , she noted: “Both the actors and the backstage people, I mean, they’re not happy about it, but they can understand why I’m upset.”