The tallest idols in the K-pop industry


These are some of the girls that stand out for the measure of their height in women’s groups

K-pop groups surprise us with different looks and concepts that they have established since their debut and, although many of them evolve and transform over time, it is interesting to see what distinguishes the members of each group.

In girl groups, many of the members manage to stand out for a skill or trait that distinguishes them from the rest, for example, when one of them acts, when one is more tender or when she has a powerful voice.

In the same way, there are those who, in addition to their artistic skills, have drawn attention for having a great height , since together with the rest of the girls in their same group they can be extremely tall.

The companies under which the girl groups work always try to make them look uniform in some aspects and, in the case of height, the size of the heel on their shoes usually varies so that the smallest members grow a few centimeters and the girls taller would assign shoes with just a little heel.

Do you remember an idol who seems very tall during her performances? Here we leave you a list of idols who during their career have attracted attention due to their height, some of them belong to relatively new groups, while others have withdrawn from the industry, but we still remember them fondly. Keep reading and tell us if you have thought of any other girl who, like them, has a height that helps her stand out.

The former Girls’ Generation member is known for her height, which stands at 1.70.

This girl of Japanese origin measures 1 meter and 72 centimeters, being the tallest in her group.

In the Pristin group there is also someone who is distinguished by her height, she is Roa, who is the same height as Tzuyu from Twice.

This girl stands out among her Gfriend companions thanks to her height reaching 1.73.

Among the members of EVERGLOW, Aisha is the tallest, measuring 1.74.

The 9MUSES girl is one of the tallest who has been part of the K-popo industry, she is 1.74

Lee Sem
Also of 9 MUSES, the girl who is crowned as the highest in this list is Lee Sem, measuring 1.76.


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