Taliban Ban From Facebook! Supporting Content Banned!


Taliban ban from Facebook! Supporting content banned! Social networking platform Facebook reported that it has banned accounts belonging to the Taliban and content supporting the Taliban, which it considers a terrorist organization.

The Facebook spokesman, said in a statement to the BBC, the Taliban’s US is seen as a terrorist organization reported that according to the laws and policies banning of dangerous organizations in accordance with the company benefiting from the service.

The spokesperson said that accounts belonging to or opened on behalf of the Taliban, their representatives will be closed, and content and posts praising the group will be removed.

After the group quickly took control of Afghanistan, tech firms were faced with serious questions about how to deal with Taliban-related content.

The spokesperson said that by working with a group of Afghan experts who speak local languages ​​and have knowledge of local contexts, they were assisted in identifying and alerting to emerging issues on the platform.

Emphasizing that they do not take decisions on the recognition of governments, the spokesperson underlined that they follow the “international community authority”.

The spokesperson said that the decision in question also applies to Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Taliban have been using social media platforms for years to spread their message.


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