Tales of Shadowland: Discover The New MMORPG Made In Brazil


Tales of Shadowland: The list of games developed on national soil is about to increase, as Uzmi Games Studio announced the production of Tales of Shadowland, a free MMORPG that will be released in an Alpha version in January 2022.

According to information released by the team, the general idea of ​​the game is to bring several systems already known to fans of the genre, such as harvesting materials, building equipment, taming animals, varied battles (PvP, PvE and GvG) and even an NFT transaction system.

“When we came up with the idea of ​​creating a game, we wanted to do something to remember our childhood days, when we would get together on vacation to play Ultima Online, Diablo 2, Ragnarok and several other games that marked an epoch. We know that we started with the most difficult game style to develop, but we took a lot of inspiration from these classics to create our game. We are working hard to reach the highest level of graphic quality and gameplay, to always offer the best for our audience”, commented André Ferreira, founder of the studio.