Tales of Arise Set Aside Multiplayer To Focus On The Story


Tales of Arise has been attracting the attention of fans of the RPG series and, with the release getting closer and closer, the internet has been receiving additional details about its backstage. This is the case of an interview on the IGN website, where the production team revealed that the new episode will not feature multiplayer to focus on the history and narrative of the combatants.

“This game is a title independent of the series in which the audience will really enjoy the storyline of the characters and the overall story of the adventure, so we have no plans for a multiplayer option. On the other hand, we dedicate a lot of efforts to show how the characters work together, how they cooperate with each other in battles and also in the game mechanics ”, explained Yusuke Tomizawa, game producer.

Option for the open world

In the same chat, the producer took the opportunity to mention the reasons that led the team to bet on an open world for the new game of the Tales of franchise, besides pointing out that, even so, the events will be linear.

“We believe that this would be the best way for the public to enjoy what is contained in the game. Again, the story, the development of the characters and all the other good things, we thought that this would be the best way to deliver the experience to the player ”, concluded the producer.

Tales of Arise will be released in September, with versions for consoles and PC.



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