Tales of Arise Gets New Videos On Secondary Activities


Tales of Arise is Bandai Namco’s next big release, and as it arrives on the 10th of September on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, the producer is releasing more and more material about its Action RPG!

Let’s start with a trailer called “Spirit of Adventure” (or “Spirit of Adventure” in free translation), which is dedicated to some of the most celebrated activities by fans of the genre, featuring side quests revolving around cooking, fishing and camping with your friends:

The troupe can also be seen camping and cooking in more detail in the video “Journey interlude: a short break” (or “journey interlude, a brief break”):

If you want to know more about the heroes, thematic trailers focused on Shionne and Alphen, the protagonists of the new game, have already been released. An interview with composer Motoi Sakuraba was also recently aired:

Last month we had the opportunity to check out an exclusive preview via the cloud, and we really enjoyed the fluid combat and beautiful graphics of Tales of Arise! Are you also excited to check out the final version of this JRPG? What did you think of the videos? Comment below!


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