Tales of Arise Gains More Information On Combat and Progression


Tales of Arise: In an interview with Famitsu, the developers of Tales of Arise revealed more information about the game and gave new details about its progression system, which will have unique skill trees and points distribution along the lines of JRPGs.

During the chat, Bandai Namco commented that each Tales of Arise character will have a unique skill tree with multiple paths to follow, including physical attributes, techniques, inventory reinforcement and other characteristics. The points will be distributed freely among the players and it will be necessary to acquire them in battles and missions.

As for the combat, it was confirmed that it underwent a complete restructuring to be more “intuitive and exciting”, adding the cooperative strikes Boost Attacks and Boost Strikes, which allow simultaneous attacks together and team finishes, which can be changed and gain new animations depending on the characters that are included in the party.

In addition, the game gains, for the first time in the franchise, an emphasis on evasion: now, most hits can be avoided thanks to avoidance, jumping and blocking mechanics. For this, players will be able to select whether they want to continue with automatic and cadenced combat, or if they prefer to use all warriors’ actions manually. Check out some of the images shared during the interview below.

Tales of Arise will be released on September 9 in Japan for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC. Its western launch is scheduled for September 10.