Tales of Arise: Alphen, One Of Its Protagonists, Shines In A New Trailer


Tales of Arise: Bandai Namco shares a new trailer focused on Alphen, one of the game’s protagonists. The long-awaited JRPG opens next September. Tales of Arise is getting closer and closer to the premiere of the long-lived saga in the new generation. It arrives on September 10 and before the expectation of the players, Bandai Namco has shared a new trailer dedicated to Alphen, one of the main protagonists of the title along with Shionne. Next, we leave you with the video in which you can see how he develops in combat, a facet in which he boasts of his role as a swordsman.

Tales of Arise: the latest in a legendary saga

The popular JRPG franchise was born in 1995, the year Tales of Phantasia debuted in the Super Nintendo catalog. Since then we have seen a good handful of installments such as Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Destiny, among others, in addition to different spin-offs. Fans of the series wonder what they can expect from the new chapter that we are about to live, and although it is still too early to know all the details, at MeriStation we have already tested the game and we can offer you a glimpse of what you are going to find inside just over two months.


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