Take-Two CEO Expects Big Success for Xbox Series X


Strauss Zelnick believes that Microsoft’s strategy has great commercial potential by offering an open range of various prices.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has commented on Microsoft’s strategy for the new generation of consoles, where there will be two models (Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S) different from each other both in some characteristics and, above all , its price. This will be the first time that there is a model that opens a generation for 299 euros.

“So far, I get the feeling that the two are facing this launch very aggressively,” Zelnick assesses Sony and Microsoft in a meeting with Protocol. “We have always worked satisfactorily with both companies. We would like to see that both are very successful, ”he adds.

Zelnickk predicts a more even battle than in previous generations

If Sony is only going to differentiate its PlayStation 5 models in the use or not of a disc reader, in Xbox Series we will have the highest-end premium model for 499 euros (12 TFLOPS, 16 GB of RAM, 4K, reader, SSD of 1 TB…) and another for 299 euros (without reader, 1440p, 10 GB RAM at a lower speed, 512 GB SSD…). This strategy builds your confidence and you believe it will be a success.

The top editor of Rockstar or 2K Games assumes that “In certain parts of the world, as you may know, Sony has had a dominant position lately. I think Microsoft is working very, very hard to try not to repeat that. It will be a challenge in Asia, where Sony has dominance. If I had to bet, I think Microsoft will do very well, “he adds.

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Regarding Sony, Zelnick hopes that they continue to stand out for their content; that is to say, that their main weapon of persuasion are exclusive video games. He also mentions another of the points where the Japanese firm tends to dominate over its competitors: marketing. The weight of the PlayStation brand is very powerful throughout the world, but it also warns that “Microsoft is trying to do the same thing” with the birth of Xbox Game Studios, which with its fifteen internal teams will shape an ecosystem that is can link directly to your brand name.


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