Take-Two Cancels $53 Million Game From Mafia 3 Studio


Take-Two announced today, at an investor conference, that it has canceled a game that has been in development since 2017. Later information confirmed that this game was being made by the people of Hangar 13, the same studio responsible for Mafia 3.

The game was canceled after the producer had already invested $53 million in it. But even so, the company decided it would have less loss now than trying to complete the game. The cancellation left Hangar 13 employees worried about the future of their jobs, according to Kotaku.

The game in question was codenamed Volt, inspired by the old Japanese series Golion, adapted in the US for Voltron – and with a recent remake on Netflix. The anime featured five robotic lions that combined into a giant mecha, and that’s what the guys from Hangar 13 wanted to bring to the game, as an enemy’s ability, not a hero’s.

Players would have classic shooter co-op classes to take on these enemies capable of combining into larger threats. The game was being planned as a “live game”, or “game as a service”. The kind that gets constant updates and items to buy, in the style of Destiny 2 or Avengers.

Kotaku got an email sent by the leader of Hangar 13 to its employees, confirming the game’s cancellation. Trying to reassure people about the future of their jobs, Haden Blackman wrote in the letter that he is “sure there are many opportunities for H13 employees to work on other games in development, both at H13 and at other H13 studios.”

Take-Two also commented on the cancellation after the information became public, but gave no concrete reasons for its decision. The producer said only that sometimes this happens, but that she believes in the Hangar 13 studio’s ability to make a game that will be a commercial and critical success.