Take screenshots on Instagram without others knowing


When can I take screenshots on Instagram without others knowing? Here we tell you how you can achieve it

The reality is that one of the most common questions among Instagram users is if you can take screenshots of Stories and publications without the other person who posted it knowing.

We have all seen someone’s story on occasion and have thought about taking a screenshot to send to another friend to criticize the other person. But surely doubts arise, will that person find out? Will you know that I have taken a screenshot of your post? Here we answer those questions.

Take screenshots without others knowing

You should know that you can take screenshots without problems, but depending on where you take them. Everything will depend on the type of publication, since there is indeed a function in the app that notifies you if a screenshot of your content has been made. At what time? Very simple, only in private messages in which a temporary photo or video has been sent.

This means that neither the Stories nor the traditional publications will announce the probable captures that are made. Only the content sent through a private message by Instagram Direct will be the ones that will create the famous notification. What you should know is that those photos and videos that you send can only be viewed a couple of times.

You can take screenshots without the risk of notification in: Stories, publications, photos exposed in the private Instagram Direct chat, explorer publications, reels.
You will receive a notification when they take a screenshot of: Temporary photos and videos through Instagram Direct (private message).

Would you like to know if someone has captured your message? This is very simple, in the private chat window you will be able to see how the photo or video you have sent is labeled “Seen”. This tag will tell you that the message has been delivered, opened, viewed again and, likewise, a screenshot has been taken.

This last state is totally recognizable, as you will see an icon in the shape of a circle of blades that will indicate that the other person has taken a screenshot of your shipment. If you drag to the left, you will find the hidden column on the right to see in detail the status of the shipment, and it will be there when you see the word “screenshot”.


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