Take photos on your mobile phone like a pro


If we ask you about the most popular photography gadget for all smartphone users, we can talk about the selfie stick. This extendable device helps you take self-portraits easily and from a distance where the landscape behind you is visible. But those who want to take more professional shots also miss the way to grip their SLR camera and that is why they will find their favorite accessory for taking photos in the ProGrip.

This is the accessory that turns your mobile into a reflex camera

It is difficult to find a terminal in the mid-range that takes bad photos. Let’s not talk about the high or premium range, where many users trust if they want to get the best of the results. But regardless of this, all mobiles have a Pro shooting mode in which they can regulate the values ​​of the machine. To enhance this professional experience there are gadgets like ProGrip.

The external appearance of this device agrees with that of a fastening system to carry the mobile in the car, but the characteristics provide more things. First of all, it has a hand grip reminiscent of the body structure of a traditional camera. In fact, it has a Bluetooth trigger that is pressed with the index finger to take the photo.

Inside it is placed a battery that is in the form of two AA batteries that not only power the gadget, but are also connected to an induction charger that will help charge the terminal if you need it. The best part is that the wireless charger maintains its position even though the grip part rotates to take the photo vertically, so charging continues regardless of position.

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As we read on the page, it also has other options for use with which it is possible to turn it into a lectern to make video calls or turn it into a power bank to charge your devices through its USB C port.

More professional depending on the option you choose
The ProGrip professional clamping is available on Indiegogo starting at about 100 euros at the change where it only includes the device in its most basic version. However, you can choose any of the other options that are available where they offer from a strap to improve the hold of the gadget to extra lenses.


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