How To Take ‘Light Painting’ Photos In Your Home?


Have you ever thought about how you can unleash your creativity with the camera of your smartphones and a few simple tools? If you have not thought, you can find one of them in our news.

With the development of social media platforms and cameras on our smartphones, many began to look for ways to take creative and fun photos. One of the ways applied in this regard is ‘light painting’. You can also color your Instagram profile using “light painting” photos.

It is possible to create such photos with some very simple tools. You can use Slow Shutter Cam in iOS operating system and Camera FV-5 Lite applications in Android operating system. Some phones even have a ‘light painting’ mode in their camera applications. Therefore, it is useful to examine the camera application of your phone before downloading the applications.

How to take light painting photos?
If you have a smartphone with a camera running and you have completed the application installation process, the most important thing that will be required from now on will be a light source. If you do not have a flashlight with different colors, you can create diversity using colored acetate papers. This is entirely up to your creativity.

In the video of the LightPaintingPhoto channel above, a tripod is also used to take the photo. The exposure time in the camera application is set as ‘Bulb’ for the photo shoot, which is the real fun part. After the environment is completely dark, the rest is completely creative.

These are the steps you need to follow to reveal light painting photos. It is possible to spend time doing such fun activities on the following days, where we should not go out and stay at home unless it is mandatory. Maybe you can even discover a talent that you have never discovered. You can also add a little more color to your social media profiles with the photos you take.


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