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In a recent poll conducted by ESPN, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jalen Ramsey once again ranked first on the list of the NFL’s best outfield defenders.

At the same time, one anonymous AFC executive said the following about the All-Pro superstar.

“I think it’s falling at the moment and is a little overrated,” the executive said. “For me, the Super Bowl is an indicator of how it will look in the future.”

In addition to this criticism, ESPN NFL analyst Jeremy Fowler also noted that several voters did not include Ramsey in the league’s top five players.

Ramsey responded with this doubtful tweet.

“It’s a comedy, Cam…,” he said in response to TheRamsWire’s Cameron DaSilva tweet. “This DB shit is not even discussed anymore at the moment, and everyone will see AGAIN the same way they saw before! It’s just funny to see people trying to find ways to make me not be the best dude.

“I’ll tell you more about it when the time comes.”

Ramsey gave up a long touchdown to Tee Higgins in last year’s Super Bowl, but there was pretty clear interference on the offensive pass without a call on the Bengals receiver. Ramsey also won his third All-Pro selection despite struggling with injuries for most of the season.

Marshawn Lattimore and Jair Alexander ranked 2nd and 3rd after Ramsey in the ESPN poll.

Do you think Ramsey deserves to be considered the No. 1 defender in the league?