Taika Waititi Weighs in on Miss Marvel after a Bombshell Review of the MCU Show


After venomous fans bombarded the show with reviews, Taika Waititi shared his thoughts on Miss Marvel. Previously, Waititi made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic universe with the film “Thor: Ragnarok”, in which he starred and starred as the Kronan gladiator Korg, receiving rave reviews for reinventing the character of Chris Hemsworth and bringing unique humor to the franchise. Waititi will reprise her role as Korg in “Avengers: Finale” and is now preparing to return to “Thor: Love and Thunder” this week.

Iman Vellani leads the cast of “Miss Marvel” as Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager obsessed with superheroes, namely Captain Marvel, who receives a magic bracelet that gives her the ability to use cosmic energy. The premiere of the KVM series, which premiered in June of this year, received mostly positive reviews from critics for Vellani’s game, his brighter tone and dynamic direction, although it caused some negative reaction and bombardment of reviews from the toxic side of KVM fans. As the show draws to a close, one of the MCU veterans shows his love for Miss Marvel.

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During a conversation with IndieWire before “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Taika Waititi spoke about the MCU’s recent efforts to present. The creator of the film praised Miss Marvel after the failure of the MCU review of the show, expressing his love for the study in the series of the Muslim heritage of its main character. See what Waititi said below:

“The best thing I’ve seen is Miss Marvel. It’s unbelievable how they did it. It’s not like, “Oh, she’s Muslim,” and you’ll never see anything like that. It’s this whole side of her life, all of it.”

Ms. Marvel saw a big review after its premiere for a variety of reasons, ranging from changing the origin of Kamala’s power from non-human genes to a magic bracelet and his Muslim performance, which the poisonous public criticized as “awakened.” The Muslim community praised the series for reflecting their culture and the Pakistani people, and cult activist Malala Yousafzai even wrote an emotional letter in which she glorifies the image of a “Pakistani immigrant family” and thanks both Marvel and its titular heroine. Critics also praised the Miss Marvel series for not shying away from exploring Kamala’s legacy and for inclusive casting.

Vellani herself recently reacted to the bombing and the negative reaction of the Miss Marvel review, shaking off her hatred of the MCU series and calling it a series for “real Marvel fans.” The separation by series, unfortunately, has led to it struggling in the ratings, becoming the least watched MCU Disney+ series, as it competes with both Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 3rd season of “Boys”. Giving it an enthusiastic review, one hopes that more eyes will turn to Miss Marvel ahead of its June 13 finale.