Taika Waititi Jokes That His Star Wars Movie Revolves Around Ja-Ja Binks


Taika Waititi jokingly declares that his movie “Star Wars” will be dedicated to Ja-Ja Binks. Now Waititi is one of the busiest directors in Hollywood. Before the release of Thor: Ragnarok in 2017, Waititi was a critically acclaimed but relatively unknown force in the world of cinema. He was much more popular in his home country of New Zealand than in the rest of the world. Now he has become a household name among moviegoers. He currently plays a voice actor in the movie “Lightyear”, which is currently in theaters, and is the director of the latest MCU film “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which is released in theaters on July 8.

Waititi will take the next major step in his career when he directs his own Star Wars movie. At the moment, very little is known about the Waititi movie “Star Wars”. Neither casting information nor release dates are reported. However, the director said that Waititi’s “Star Wars” film will include new stories and expand the universe beyond just the Skywalker saga.

Waititi jokes that he will also remember the old storyline when he brought back Ja-Ja Binks. In a recent interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Waititi was asked if he would destroy “Star Wars”? Waititi replied that no, of course, he would not destroy Star Wars, but then joked that he was going to investigate the history of Ja-Ja Binks. Check out Waititi’s full quote below:

“No, I’m not going to destroy Star Wars. No I’m not. What if I said, “Yes, I’m going to tell you the story of Ja-Ja Binks.”

Ja-Ja Binks has not appeared in a live action “Star Wars” since the third prequel film (“Star Wars. Episode III — Revenge of the Sith”), but when he did, everyone hated him. A movie dedicated to Ja-Ja Binks would clearly be a disaster and could actually ruin his Star Wars movie, hence Waititi’s joke about the movie. While Waititi’s statement gives few details about what the actual plot of his as-yet-untitled Star Wars movie will be, his wit may at least give fans confidence that the director is knowledgeable enough about the franchise to understand what fans don’t want.

Waititi has confirmed little in his interview, other than confirming that he will indeed explore other storylines, although not through Ja-Ja Binks. As with “Thor: Ragnarok,” Waititi will almost certainly bring his final style to the franchise’s film while maintaining the integrity of the franchise’s films. With the new characters, Waititi has the opportunity to create new relationships and dynamics in the film that can play to the director’s strengths, including his strange sense of humor. Let’s hope that Waititi succeeds in his Star Wars movie the same way he succeeded in his breakthrough hit “Thor: Ragnarok.”