Tags Finder: como encontrar as melhores hashtags para fotos no Instagram


Tags Finder is a free website that helps you find hashtags to use in your Instagram photos. The tool can be useful to users who want to get more followers and likes on the social network. To do this, just enter the keyword of your publication and the tool will find up to 30 similar hashtags. With just one click, you can copy everything to the clipboard and paste it into the caption. It is also possible to exclude terms of a pornographic or sexual nature.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use Tags Finder to find hashtags for photos on Instagram. The tool is online and runs directly from the browser, in addition to not requiring access to your account.

Step 1. Access the Tags Finder website (tagsfinder.com/pt-br) and insert up to ten hashtags about your photo and click “Search”;

Step 2. If you want, in the options below, you can exclude sexual terms or include specific hashtags in the indicated field. In the search type, you can find related hashtags, similar or both;

Step 3. In the search result, click on “Copy to clipboard”. Finally, just paste the hashtags in the caption of your photo on Instagram.

Take advantage of the app to choose the best hashtags and get more followers and likes on Instagram.

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