Taemin’s birthday today, learn more about his story


Celebrate SHINee’s maknae Taemin’s birthday. We tell you the story of the path Taemin has traveled in the world of K-pop.

A very special date for SHAWOLs has arrived, as today is the 27th birthday of Taemin , SHINee’s maknae . Messages of affection and admiration for Taemin have been present on social networks, since since his debut, he proved to be a talented artist with a special charisma.

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Happy birthday Taemin!!!! . – . My love for you can never be put into words. I love you so so much and I hope you have the best birthday ever. I can’t believe this is the 4th time I am wishing you a happy birthday but it only feels like the other day I was watching shinee videos for the first time. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You helped me when I was sad and made me smile. I may only be a new shawol compared to many but I believe that the time doesn’t matter and we all want you to have the best birthday ever because you really deserve it so much. I hope we get to see you soon and we all love you very much. Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself again but we don’t worry so don’t feel guilty. @lm_____ltm . – . #kpop #shinee #5hinee_사랑해 #5hinee_사랑해 #5hineeforever #taemin #happytaeminday #taemin28thbirthday #happybirthdaytaemin #leetaemin #taeminlee #taeminshinee #shineetaemin #taeminie #shineepavedtheway #onew #jonghyun #key #minho #jinki #kibum #shawol #shawols #shineeworld #shineelove #weloveshinee #shinee5 #shineeforever #superm #blingblingisjonghyun #jjong

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Learn about Taemin’s story and join the birthday celebration for this idol with other fans.

Lee Taemin was born on July 18, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. He has become an idol that stands out for his dance skills , however, he has also shown that he has great talent as a singer and actor, but to obtain the recognition that he now has, Taemin had to travel an important path.

In 2005 he attended an open audition where his skills led him to join SM Entertainment , becoming a trainee within that company.


After three years of training, Taemin debuted as the youngest member of the SHINee group . Back then he was only 14 years old, but that was no barrier for him to show great potential and captivate the attention of fans.

The year after beginning his career, Taemin made his acting debut , participating in the drama Tae Hee Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun. Since then, he has appeared in other productions such as Dating Agency: Cyrano and most recently in Final Life, an Amazon Prime production.

Taemin has had a successful career alongside SHINee , gaining popularity in Asia and the rest of the world, so he was later able to show a new facet as an artist by debuting solo in 2014. Currently, he is also a member of the SuperM group along with others. artists from the same company.


Over the years, Taemin has shown that he has great abilities, however, he has also given proof of his love for fans and a humble and grateful heart, that’s why, on this special day, we wish Taemin a happy birthday .

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