Taemin sports new tattoos in the teaser of his next …


Taemin’s comeback is close and this is a bit of what the idol will show. Recently, the SHINee maknae rocked social media after sharing some mysterious images in their Instagram stories, the images of a boy and a girl awakened the theories of the SHAWOLs who were trying to find an explanation for the new posts.

It was not until shortly after Taemin revealed it was a spoiler, and followed by SHINee’s Twitter account shared a number of surprises about releasing more music.

Now, a first video teaser has been released that reveals a bit of the facet that Taemin will show for his next album, what is it about?

The video titled Prologue of Prologue shows us Taemin getting ready behind the scenes, the idol looks relaxed while the staff is in charge of giving some touches to his image by placing fake tattoos on his neck and hands.

Before the revelation of this video, Taemin had shared a photograph of him on his Instagram account where he appears sitting wearing a black, white and red outfit while wearing his tattoos.

The black and white clip has sparked fans’ excitement about the comeback that is getting closer. This will be the third full Korean album to be released solo by Taemin and will be named Never Gonna Dance Again, for which he will present the single Simple 2 KIDS.

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