Taemin reveals the teaser for the remix Minit de Criminal


Taemin will release the official video for the new version of his latest comeback, ‘Criminal’ ‘Minit Remix’, the track belongs to a new music project from SM Entertainment called ‘iScreaM’.

On October 7, Taemin returned to the stage with the record production ‘Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1’, the comeback promotional song was ‘Criminal,’ a track that reflects the idol’s musical style and where fans could enjoy a awesome choreography.

The MV for ‘Criminal’ currently has 12 million views on the YouTube platform. Taemin appears in the video struggling against the harsh feelings of love, and sets were specially designed to express the concept of his music.

Lee Taemin is a great reference for the K-pop industry and his third album did not go unnoticed, as at its premiere it reached number 1 in different important charts such as iTunes.

Now, the artist from the SM Entertainment company comes to please his fans with the interesting MV of the remix of ‘Criminal’, the version of the melody is called ‘Minit’ and promises to make SHAWOL’s ears fall in love.


After ‘Criminal’ was revealed, various remixes were released, fans were able to enjoy the mixes on music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

The remixes belong to ‘iScreaM’, a new project of the SM label that seeks to release versions of the music of their idols with an EDM style, those in charge of the musical works will be DJs and producers from all over the world.

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Taemin’s ‘Criminal Minit Remix’ will have an official video and through the ScreaM Records YouTube channel he posted the MV teaser. The clip lasts 32 seconds and it shows some scenes from the original clip edited with effects that give it an energetic touch.


The video for the ‘Minit’ remix of ‘Criminal’ will be released on October 9 at 12 PM South Korean time. What do you think of the new project of the SM Entertainment company?

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