Taemin reveals the secret of his collaboration with Wendy


SHINee’s Taemin made his comeback with his new album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2” and debuted his collaboration with Wendy.

The quintessential dancer of the SM agency once again surprised Shawol with his most recent comeback, the idol’s solo career has been characterized by his aesthetics and impeccable choreography, talent that makes him one of the best in the industry. One of the surprises for this comeback was his feat with Red Velvet’s Wendy.

After several months of waiting, Reveluv was able to meet Wendy, who suffered an accident at the beginning of the year that kept her hospitalized and in rehabilitation. The return of the idol to music occurred in a duo with Taemin, both formed the best singing couple with their new song “Be your enemy”.

Through the VLive platform, SHINee’s Taemin held a special broadcast titled “Taemin’s Act 2 Lecture: Idea Theory: Dance Again: Act 2” to promote his comeback with the second part of “Never Gonna Dance Again”. The idol revealed details about his album and behind the creative process, especially about “Be your enemy”, his song with Wendy.


Taemin explained that when he started recording the comeback, he decided to record “Be Your Enemy” on his own, but the final result did not satisfy him, because when listening to the song he knew that he needed to be a duo with a female and male voice and not I hesitate to ask Red Velvet’s Wendy for help.

The idol accepted without hesitation, in addition, Taemin recognized that he is a big fan of her voice, so he chose her. This is Wendy’s first musical appearance after her accident and several Shawols and Reveluvs shared their messages of congratulations and support for both of them, as they admire her talent and the great fusion of their voices.

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About his solo career, Taemin explained that he is in a process of self-transformation and wants to continue discovering who he can become in the future, he even gave hints about a possible new album, as he is excited to start another musical process. One of the curiosities is that he added old SHINee costumes for their comeback, which were used in the era of “Everybody”.

Taemin also thanked his fans for their support and confessed that the words of encouragement and letters he receives always comfort him, he also said that at night he always thinks of them before going to sleep. Their main comeback MV “IDEA” has already recorded over 4 million views on YouTube.

If you want to know more about the talented Wendy, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities about the idol.


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