Taemin lives a toxic love in Criminal, his new MV


Taemin is back with “Criminal”, lead single from the second part of his album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1”

The idol and talented SHINee dancer reunited with his fans after the release of “2 KIDS.” The SM Entertainment star showed a never-before-seen side to his music, without losing his incredible energy for dancing. Taemin once again showed his attractive side and why he is one of the best in the K-pop industry.


Through SM’s official YouTube channel, Taemin revealed the official MV for “Criminal”, his new song, the video is about to reach one million views just one hour after being released, he also earned more than 200 thousand likes. The release of his album reached # 1 on iTunes on the chart in the United States and in a couple of other countries, it also debuted in the Genie rankings.

The MV lasts three minutes and 40 seconds, enough to fall in love with the idol who shows a dark aura, the scenes begin with a dark room that seems to have a burning floor, Taemin appears with wounds on his face and an evil aura while in the background he they hear the sirens of a patrol.


“Criminal” shows the dangerous side of love, as Taemin describes in the lyrics that his relationship hurts him, while dancing accompanied by dancers who have blindfolds and all seem to be in handcuffs, unable to escape from that feeling. The idol admits that even though he knows he is not okay, he is somehow hypnotized by that person.

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The MV is very aesthetic, it combines 3 types of color palette and shows Taemin’s talent as a dancer in all its glory. In another scene, SHINee’s idol seems to have lost control in his toxic relationship, as he is escorted by a group of agents, while wearing a metal top. He also became a kind of pirate, as he decided to wear a black patch as part of his outfit.

In social networks, Shawol showed his support for the singer, who has already managed to sell almost 20 thousand copies of “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1”. Fans also shared their favorite scenes from the MV and fell in love with Taemin’s dark and attractive side.


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