Taemin, King of K-Pop with “Criminal” music video


Taemin is back and with his new music video he has proven once again that he is the king of K-Pop.

Taemin is back and better than ever. As he prepares for a comeback with K-pop group SuperM, Taemin is also releasing music as a solo artist.

On September 7, the singer released a music video for his new single “Criminal” along with his album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1.

Taemin’s album release splits

On August 4, the Korean singer released his promotional single “2 KIDS” along with an accompanying music video. The single served as a prologue to the Taemin album Never Gonna Dance Again. Following the prologue to “2 KIDS”, the album is divided into two parts that were released separately.

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 was released on September 7. The first part of the album includes nine songs: “Criminal”, “Black Rose (with Kid milli)”, “Strangers”, “Waiting For”, “Famous (Korean version)”, “Clockwork”, “Just Me and You, ”“ Nemo, ”and“ 2 KIDS ”.

“Criminal” is one of Taemin’s best songs

Taemin is one of the biggest stars in K-pop. He made his debut in the group Shinee in 2008 when he was only 14 years old. Since his debut, Taemin has done solo work with great regularity, promoted with Shinee, and joined SM Entertainment’s group SuperM.

Over the years, Taemin has developed and evolved his art. By doing so, fans simultaneously know what to expect from the singer and at the same time are amazed at what Taemin is capable of accomplishing with each comeback. Each album is a turning point that brings something new.

Taemin released a music video for “Criminal” along with the first part of his new album, and this is easily one of the best things he has done. The music video has a dark and captivating aesthetic, and its harmonization in the last chorus accentuates the song’s allusion to Stockholm syndrome.

“So elegant, a criminal who hurts me. Okay, you calm me down just to torture me again. Ooh, I’m on a leash I’m calling you. It’s so painful that I can’t breathe but it’s also magnificent,” he sings in the chorus.

Fans love the music video

On Twitter, “Taemin” started trending after the release of the music video. Fans love everything about the “Criminal” music video, from the aesthetics to Taemin’s dance moves.

“Press your number by crawling, move, walk and you want to jog so the criminal can run the ace of kpop,” wrote one Reddit user.

One Reddit user wrote, “2 Kids was a good time, but this is the temperamental and dramatic Taemin who is absolutely unique in the industry. I really couldn’t have asked for more, man. It’s pure, distilled, Taemin, I love it. I can already tell that this song has a lot of staying power, I’ll be listening to it for years. ”

“Is it really not what I expected? I read what Taemin said about the theme of the song, but the vulnerability before the last chorus, how small his voice sounded, the hypnotic chorus! It took me by surprise. Even the video felt claustrophobic, suffocating. Then the cathartic surrender in the last part of the song, my heart ached. That is why Taemin is a true artist, “posted another Reddit user.

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