Taemin is upset after the leak of Criminal, his new song


Taemin is sabotaged before his comeback after leaking “Criminal”, the lead single from his new album. Dance star and SHINee member is ready to surprise fans with a new album, ‘Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1’; However, him plans have been thwarted after the premature reveal of the lead single with which she will promote him new work, so Shawol demanded a better deal for the SM Entertainment artist.

The controversy that has affected Taemin was due to the improper use of his music during the program “Rare Taem”, an idol reality show whose most recent episode was set to music with “Criminal”, his next song, something that annoyed Shawol, as the Album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1” will not be released until September 7, the date of their comeback.

The spoiler was made without his consent, although it is a program where he himself is the protagonist, the SM agency did not consult him on the use of his song so Taemin was really disappointed and expressed his annoyance through the application “Dear.U”, in Bubble’s message, the idol shared with his fans his feelings about the situation.

Taemin wrote that he did not understand why “Criminal” appeared on the show and now his plans were ruined, because it shouldn’t have been used in the first place and not during his show either, he assured that he was upset and it was sad for him; Furthermore, I am sorry that your promotional single may have given a different impression than I expected with the premiere of the MV.

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So far, SM has not given official statements about the editing error that was made, for his part, Shawol decided to show his support for the singer through social networks, with the hashtag #TaeminWeLoveYou and #TaeminWeWillWait assured him that they will wait until the their official comeback date and that the leak doesn’t change expectations for their new music.

The request for better treatment and respect for SHINee’s idol’s work comes after fans argued that Taemin has pushed for this new album, in addition to having to postpone it after injuring his wrist during rehearsals, he has even had to fulfilling his schedule with SuperM and their latest release “Tiger Inside,” and the group comeback is still missing.


Recently, SuperM showed his wild side during the MV for “Tiger Inside”, the second promotional single from his upcoming album.


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