Taehyung writing a diary dedicated to ARMY


BTS’s Taehyung keeps a journal for ARMY as one of his great treasures. The BigHit group continues to promote “Dynamite”, a single that has broken a number of records, especially on YouTube after the release of the MV. The boys have received a lot of support from ARMY, who did a great teamwork to be able to reach more than 100 reproductions in 24 hours, for which V has great appreciation for them.


Through an interview for Vogue Japan magazine, V reflected on everything they have received throughout their career, including hits, # 1s, records, awards, recognitions, major advertising campaigns, as well as a sold-out in each of their concerts, they have also received a lot of love from ARMY.

Weverse has become a fundamental platform for the interaction between Bangtan and his fans, so the K-pop idol explained in the post that he usually finds many ARMY messages there, words that are charming and warm for him, so he even has a journal dedicated to them.


Taehyung revealed that he writes some of the phrases he finds in a notebook that he has, as a way to empower his fans, it also corresponds to them by leaving comments on Weverse, but he realized something very important: they are the ones who receive all by ARMY.

Taehyung believes that BTS has received a lot from her, so their interaction on the platform has become a routine that she describes as daily happiness and pleasure. BTS has grown over the years, their popularity is huge, so V hopes that ARMY will witness how they challenge themselves each time.

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Regarding the future, the idol does not have a vision of Bangtan in 5 or 10 years, since he considers that his path is covered step by step and for him it is enough to enjoy time with ARMY. The K-pop star recently received an award as “Head of the Entertainment Department” for his dedication and performance at Weverse.


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