Taehyung wants to hire a fan as a chef


Taehyung wants to hire a fan as a chef. The idol was amazed at ARMY’s talent. The quarantine continues and BTS continues to enjoy their days off in the company of ARMY.

Weverse has become the ideal channel for boys, their fans to maintain communication, play video games or share various messages, it is even an opportunity to show their talents and that V considers hiring them.

Through the platform, a fan decided to share what he does during isolation: baking. They say that this activity takes your stress off a bit and nothing better than doing it related to BTS.


The fan decided to cook adorable cookies in the shape of Tata and Chimmy to show off to Taehyung , who gave his heartfelt opinion and said they looked good, also decided to praise his talent and assured his that he could work as a chef at BigHit.

The singer shared various messages with ARMY, always thanking them or answering their words. Would you cook V something to eat? Without a doubt, with his response the fan will continue to bake and improve.



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